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It was fun for 5 minutes, until I had to buy more levels. It was lame after that. I don't recommend it

Game is verry interesting

Nice game verry well constructed


Okay, this app is buggy, buggy, buggy! Stage 6 doesn't work, no instructions before each game, and then it freezes. The concept is great, just needs refinement. This app needs to be gone through again. How it got through sand boxing is a mister to me.

Very fun challenging game

This game challenges you and is very entertaining and I want five stars so I'm reviewing it

Good game

I would tell my friends and family about this game



Always crashes

App keeps crashing.

please fix

it's a good game but I went out of the game and when I went back in it wouldn't let me it loading and i couldn't get past the perfectionist challenge screen I pressed back to main and everywhere on the screen please fix this

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing

Hardest Game Ever

Great game, more than enough challenges for most people willing to play through to the end

The game is absolutely good, but...

The design of the game is amazing. However, I have downloaded it for a while, and I discovered that I couldn't press anything except the homepage after playing few times, and it means the game has a big technical problem. I hope that the game can be improved.

Game is fun, BUT...

Seems to crash back to home screen on quite a bit and also can take a bit opening up due to it freezing and having to restart it numerous times. Would be a 4 or 5 star, but this is HIGHLY annoying to deal with. It's like they replaced ads with freezing and crashing.


This game is challenging addictive fun and best of all compatible with the iPod1!

Crashes too much

As starting the second level, it crashes after winning. Lame

Just about unplayable

The tilt controls are very laggy and unresponsive on my iPhone 6 but would be fun with better controls

HARDEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!😠

Just hard so frustrating don't get LAME😒


Very fun, but it would be better if the harder modes had different levels.


While fun to play this game crashes constantly. It a free app, but hard to want to play when you can't get anything accomplished without the game freezing and then crashing.

Just crashes

I deleted it after a few minutes. It just crashes during level 2. I tried it 4 times. I am using an iPhone 5.


The app is kinda fun, when it works. Once you retry a level for more stars and finish that game, the app crashes and you have to play the level all over again just for it to crash again. It also seems a little update would be in order to correct the crashing issue and then freshen up the look of the game.

Needs so much work

Way too glitchy and the app closes randomly. Graphics are rough but concept is good.

Crashes constantly

This app needs an update or needs to be taken out of the App Store. It crashes constantly and locks up on my iPhone 6.



Lol really???

I've read a few reviews of this game and I had to laugh when I downloaded and played it. I'm about 95% sure most of these reviews had to be written by the development team because this game is just bad. Many of the reviewers claim to be from the "gaming generation" yet none of them seem to realize this is a total rip off of Warioware. It's several mini games smashed together and your judged and scores compared with others. The problem is that what made Wariowear so fun was having 100, 3 second mini games so you never knew what was coming, this has like 8. Don't waste your time.


I just want the levels lol

Crash after crash after crash

I haven't even gotten 5 levels in and it's crashed a good 20 times. The games seem fun, but crashing every time I open it is ridiculous.

Love it

Great game

This game is addictive

It's really fun to play I just hate the math I can't get the fifth star

Pretty Fun Hard and Addicting

^^^^^ look up dummy ;)

So much fun

I love this game it's so much fun I love it I play all the time I never want to stop playing;)I love it😜


This game is cool

0.02 s

The game is the best


Game is stuck on the perfectionist challenge screen. Probably going to have to delete and then re-download it again. Which is a pain !

Love it!

I love this game!!😜 it is so challenging and addicting. I love it!!

I love iiit

:) i think that i need mooooore games like this one

I hate the game

Its so hard it's not even fun

Good app

Like the game but not really the hardest game ever.

Very good

This game depends on how smart and fast are you . Download "HARDEST GAME 2"


Don't even waste your time with this game.


Very fun

I loved it!! <3

It's awesome!


i dont know why people say its crashing i love this game and i love that its sooo random : )

Riddled with defects

This game would be fun if it didn't freeze and crash all the time. It's the only game I have that does this.

This game is confusing

I love this game because there is a lot of hard levels to do

Game doesn't know math

I was in easy and the math I would do it correct but it would tell me it was wrong like how can 6+7= be 14 when its 13 it would say it's a number more or less game is stupid I deleted it


So cool I want to play it all day

Awesome game

This game is very hard but a lot fun it's hard to stay away from the game

Crashes when I win

Convenient it crashes when I get a 5* score...


Love the game it's so addicting!!!

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